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Latest Web Design Trends of 2022

Until now, web design trends have been centered around bright, high contrast designs. However, in 2022, we’ll see a shift from high contrast to low-contrast designs, incorporating a softer color palette to provide a welcome break from the stark white. Users will enjoy comfortable color schemes with warm colors, such as light pink and pastel blues. This shift in color scheme is part of a larger trend toward low-light UX, or low-light user experience.

Typography of unusual size

Big fat, bold typography will be a staple of 2022 web design trends. This trend will draw attention to your hero image, which must make a bold statement. Using a monochromatic color palette will make your hero image pop, and unusually sized typography can help you tie your design elements together. While it can be difficult to use in a minimalist design, this technique can blend into any type of style.

Another web design trend that will be popular in 2022 is typography of unusual size. A film portfolio website by Eva Habermann features large text overlaid on a moving reel. The large fonts are partially obscured, and the large text uses a two-color sans-serif font for proper contrast. In 2022, motion design will be a standard practice, but be mindful of the effects on your users’ eyes. For example, avoid the use of mouse-triggered scaling or plane-shifted scrolling as these can lead to motion sickness.

Integration of product right onto the website

As more people become interested in online shopping, web designers are using different types of pictures to make their websites look more appealing. While people are still the primary focus of web design, the use of human faces is declining. A recent coronavirus pandemic has also taken its toll on the web design world. Now more designers are focusing on things other than people’s faces.

Another recent trend is the integration of product directly on the website. With the rise of mobile devices, web designers have begun to use a mobile-first approach to their websites, making the experience seamless. A site that fails to integrate its product directly onto the website isn’t going to be successful. The latest web design trends for 2022 will focus on providing a seamless digital experience for website visitors. To stay on top of these trends, you’ll want to optimize your website regularly, follow UX best practices, and stay abreast of new developments in the web industry.

Animated cursors

Animated cursors are among the latest web design trends of 2022, thanks to their innovative functionality. A moving image can catch the attention of your users longer than a static one, especially if it matches your website’s theme. Nevertheless, you must be careful to avoid compromising the usability of your website with the use of animated cursors. Listed below are some tips that will help you use animated cursors on your website in 2022.

A custom cursor will not only increase user interaction but also differentiate your website from the competition. These animated cursors are an excellent way to convey instructions and branding to your visitors. Moreover, they can help you stand out from the crowd and increase conversions. Here are some examples of custom cursors that you can use in your website. These web design trends are sure to bring you a lot of success in 2022.

Hybrid images with actual photos

As of 2018, there are several new trends for web design that you can use to create a website that has a hybrid image. This type of image combines actual photos with digital photos. While it might sound like a contradiction, this technique can actually add a lot of vibrancy to a website. Hybrid images are the best of both worlds: they combine standard photos with digital photos to create a more appealing, vibrant design. Also, this type of image will help you free up valuable white space on your website. Abstract illustrations have long been a hot topic for designers. These will be eye-catching, but subtle enough not to distract the user from the content.

The trend is a little bit unexpected, but is certainly on the rise. While the design of the future will be influenced by the characteristics of Web 1.0, the retro style is definitely on the rise. This design trend will likely include bright backgrounds, visual table layouts, and robotic typefaces like Courier. The overall effect will likely be a collective experience of nostalgia.

3D elements

Neumorphic Web Design: This web design style combines 2 concepts, one serving as a minimalist approach and the other as a sense of three-dimensionality. This technique is often used to give websites a full-screen color representation, giving them an outstanding user experience. Neumorphic Web Design uses a combination of light and shadows to create the illusion of 3D space, increasing the viewer’s connection to the web layout.

Immersive Web Experiences: This year, many of the hottest trends will focus on creating a more immersive experience for users. The design of a website will be influenced by user interaction, animations, and immersive content. The use of new technologies will also be important, with the rise of VR and AR. The use of 3D elements will be a popular trend in 2022. Virtual reality will be used to make web content more interactive, bringing a whole new dimension to the user experience.


As accessibility becomes more important to consumers, designers are focusing on new approaches to create websites that are accessible to people of all abilities. One of these trends is voice-assisted technology. Walmart, for instance, recently started offering voice-ordering for its customers. With such advances in accessibility, businesses are increasingly becoming customer-centric. For the sake of future-proofing their websites, it’s essential to ensure the accessibility of your content.

The world has become more diverse, with more than 4 billion people accessing the Internet. To appeal to a wider demographic, web design must be fully accessible and take into consideration the needs of people with disabilities. In 2022, more businesses will adapt their sites for all types of visitors, increasing the chance of conversions and improving SEO rankings. And while web accessibility is not a new trend, it is becoming a legal requirement in many countries.

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