ARENA Smart Lists Plugin

This plugin is a simple and powerful addition to any WordPress website. Using ARENA Smart Lists plugin, you can add different types of posts list to your sidebars, such as recent post, related posts, and most popular posts.

The plugin also adds the ability to show the thumbnail image of each post in the list.

Smart Lists Plugin Screen Shot
Smart Lists Plugin Screen Shot
Thumbnail images on sidebar
Thumbnail images on sidebar

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Minimalistic SEO plugin which is simple to use and adds most powerful SEO features to any WordPress website.

The plugin adds the most basic and essential features:

  • Meta title for posts and pages
  • Meta description and keywords for posts and pages
  • Redirect option to each post or page
  • Meta instructions for crawlers
  • Create sitemap.XML file
  • Ad injection inside content and at the bottom of the content
  • Add expired headers
  • Basic minification
  • Add analytics / WMT code

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ARENA Sticky Sidebar

Another cool feature by html5arena, This plugin will stick any sidebar which is marked with ‘secondary’ tag in a fixed position, for better user experience.

Once enabled, if the website’s theme contains a sidebar with a ‘secondary’ id, it will become sticky when the user scrolls down to the bottom.

ARENA After Scroll Widget

This amazing plugin allows you to add text widgets that will load only after the user has scrolled down a number of pixels. This is a great plugin for website performance improvement.