WordPress has recently announced an upgrade of its plugin directory to new looks and more reliable search algorithm.

WordPress plugins directory is queried 100K times a day with more than 500K of monthly unique queries, as published in this analysis. The directory contains many thousands of plugins that are free to download and can be installed instantly by users of WordPress. The incredibly huge plugin collection offered by WordPress is really one of the major strengths of WordPress over other platforms.

The upgrade will allow WordPress users to get better results for their queries and find the plugins that they are looking for.

During the upgrade, there will be no plugin submissions.

The New Directory Is (Mostly) Live

So users who are trying to upload new plugin might get a “Plugin upload temporary disabled” message.

What is the plugin review process?

In WordPress, each plugin is reviewed before it appears in the plugins directory. There is high importance in having a strict review process, for the benefit of WordPress users, so that plugins will remain in high quality and high standards. A Plugin that is not written correctly may have unpleasant side effects on a website, even causing a website to go offline in extreme cases. This is a good reason why plugin review is taken very seriously by developers community.

How to find the correct plugin for your website

When searching for plugins that are common, such as contact form plugins, usually it will be best to select a plugin that has many installs and high rating. When you install a plugin that is used by many other sites and rated by many other WordPress users, it will also probably work fine on your site.

Compatibility and maintenance

Make sure that plugins that you download are maintained properly, read comments, reviews, and bug fixes and make sure that plugin is compatible with the version of WordPress that you are using.


The quality of the WordPress plugin directory only improves as time goes by. The plugin directory has a key role in keeping the WordPress community growth. Rising number of quality plugins will increase WordPress attractiveness to website builders and application developers.