Security for your website should be your top priority. Webmasters are usually caught up with the good looks and functionality of the website and the least importance is given to the security of the website. If you have created a good website, it is more at risk of being hacked. So, the security of your site is extremely important. If you are using a wordpress site, it is very easy for you to enhance the security of your website. All you need to do is to use a plugin and it will help you to enhance the security by several notches.

Security Plugins
Security Plugins

How Do The Plugins Increase Security?


The wordpress plugins can help enhance security to your website by preventing malware from affecting your site. Some hackers may try to use programs in order to  enter your site, but the plugins will identify these attacks and thwart them. Some security plugins will also have a regular backup of your website so that your data is not lost, even if the security of your site is compromised. The security plugins will also scan your site and blacklist IP addresses that are malicious.

Wordpress plugins
WordPress plugins

Top 5 Plugins for Security

    • Wordfence: Wordfence is probably one of the top contenders for the best WordPress security plugin. The reason for this enviable tag is because of the regular updating of this plugin which provides a continuous state of the art protection for your website. It provides you with a possibility of checking all the login attempts and the IP addresses. This will help you to identify the attempts made to hack your site. This plugin also scans all your files on your site and helps in protecting the data from malware attacks.


    • BulletProof Security: This is a simple installation like any other plugin and can provide you with an instant security barrier that protects your website. You can backup all the files on your site at regular intervals. So, it provides a double solution for you by providing enhanced safety and security for your site, along with data backup.


    • Sucuri: This security plugin is not only providing security, but it also audits the existing security of the website. So, if there are any lacunae in the security, it will highlight the lapse and it can be rectified by you. Though this security plugin is not free of cost, it is better for your website because it will help to fix all kinds of vulnerabilities. Your site can be secure and you can have your mind in peace.


    • Acunetix: Acutenix is a free plugin available on WordPress. The advantage of this plugin is that it lists the various vulnerabilities that your site faces. Just like most of the other security plugins, Acunetix will also help to provide a backup of all the wordpress content and other data.


  • Security Ninja: The cost for installation of this plugin is $39. It is well worth the money you invest on security. It scans your site at pre-scheduled times. It also helps to protect your site from malware intrusions. It will protect from any unauthorized logins.