Collaboration is always much more fun than a competition  🙂 has recently introduced an add-on to Google Docs that will allow users of Google Docs to publish content directly to their WordPress based website.

Though a quarter of the web is based on WordPress, more than one million users, there are many users who utilize application like Word or Google Docs for writing their first draft.

Google Docs also lets user collaborate content in real time, easily sharing the content with other users to get a second look before publishing. But when working on a large amount of content, copying and pasting drafts from 3rd party applications into WordPress can become a frustrating task.

Real-time collaboration

The new feature that was introduced last week, will allow users to publish content directly from Google Docs to WordPress, saving precious time for users that are required to manage a large amount of content. Users will also be able to update their drafts directly from Google Docs.

Where to begin?

To use the new feature, you will need to install this Google Docs extension. After installing the add-on, go to google doc’s “Add-On’s” menu and open the extension. There you will set your site and then you will be able to publish drafts directly to your website by saving to

From the back-end perspective, nothing has changed. The WordPress backend will still look exactly the same, as this is a new method of publishing posts via an external application, and it has no effect on the site itself.

The future

Needless to say that has demonstrated amazing ability to collaborate WordPress with external tools. This seems like a beginning of a new trend, as there are many more collaborations to be seen ahead in the future due to the new REST API which got into the WordPress core recently.

The new REST API will open up WordPress to a whole new world of collaboration with external applications. The integration with Google Docs is just a first step.