HTML 5 is one of the top technologies that is gaining much traction these days. The reason is the use of this technology in many websites. Many young software professionals want to learn more of HTML 5 because of its versatility and usage in web development. Once you are able to complete the basics of HTML5, you will then be able to move on to other more complicated topics including application development.

HTML 5 Courses
HTML 5 Courses

Top 5 online courses for HTML 5


    • Eduonix Learning solutions: The number of students enrolled in learning HTML 5 from Eduonix is ample proof that this is the best course. There are nearly about 80,000 students learning from this course. The most important highlighting factor about this online course is that it is free of cost. Anyone can enroll on this course and start from the basics of HTML tags and then move on to learn the more complicated topics which include Drag and drop, Webstorage as well as application cache. The other advantage of learning from this online course is that there are several examples and demonstrations for you to learn from.


    • HTML 5 from Scratch by Bradley Berger: The advantage of the HTML 5 online course conducted by Bradley Berger is that it is more practical in nature. It provides the learner with a lot more practical and application knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Once you complete the course, you will be able to write codes all on your own. You will write codes based on dreamweaver as well as codes using the regular tags. The course is run by providing online resources for all those who enroll onto this course. There are more than 5400 students enrolled to this course, which provides 21 lectures to the learners.


    • Become Exceptional in HTML 5 by Debayan Sen: The HTML 5 course that is run online by Debayan Sen is one of the more popular and much sought after course.  The course is completely free for all those who enroll. This course is open both to professionals who are already experts in web development. It is also beneficial and open to all those who are just beginning to start the web development.  Access is provided to about 34 lectures as well as other resources. These resources can be downloaded and once you complete the course, you will be able to obtain a completion certificate too.


    • HTML 5 Essential for Beginners by Simon Sez: The HTML 5 essential for beginners course helps those who are enrolled to learn HTML basics as well as advanced concepts in HTML 5. This is a course that is fast becoming popular and is developing by leaps and bounds. There are more and more candidates enrolling onto this online HTML 5 course. The latest in HTML 5 are taught as part of this course and you will be able to know the latest tags through the 11 lectures available.


  • HTML5 game programming- By Andy Harris: The HTML 5 course run by Andy Harris is mainly focused on creating web based games as well as mobile games. The 24 lectures available for this course provide you with exceptional knowledge to make you an expert in designing new online games. You will also get a certification after completing this course.