HTML 5 has made amazing upgrades to simplify its syntax even further. HTML is the number 1 language used for designing websites.  There is no doubt that this amazing hypertext markup language leads in web design. Read below and discover the six most remarkable reasons why HTML rules web design.

6 Remarkable Reasons Why HTML Rules Web Design

1-Lightweight Pages. HTML is essentially the base code for all web design. This syntax is known for its ability to produce lightweight pages. To further clarify why HTML is lightweight, lets analyzed and compare it to a WordPress designed website. WordPress is a content management system that can be used by anyone with no coding experience. In comparison, if you have a WordPress built website versus a regular HTML built website with the same design, chances are that the WordPress built website will load much slower and the HTML website will load much faster.

Why is this? Well, WordPress is made up of hundreds of files to produce a content management system that allows regular people to install designs. A pure HTML web design is only made up of the single HTML pages like the home, about, and contact. Try testing an HTML website on the top SEO audit and page speed checkers online, most likely an HTML built website will weigh much lighter.

2-Safer for Hack Attacks. With every new language upgrade, there may be some security vulnerabilities that developers always look out for and those do come in time. In HTML 5, the language is much more simplified and improved. A hacker can try to access the server and change a file or try to get inside a database. By installing an SSL Certificate and changing the default server file directory permissions, hack attacks can be instantly blocked.

3-Web Design Customization.  With HTML5, it is even easier to create custom web pages. A designer has the ability to customize each web page with different color schemes and different elements.

4-Animated Canvas Design. Canvas design animations are currently very popular. A canvas animation can make the visual quality of a website look much more unique and advanced. A canvas web design animation is an engaging way to connect with first-time web visitors and possibly make those first-time visitors into returning visitors.

5-Starter Language. For new programmers, HTML 5 is a great starter language. HTML 5 is easy to understand and makes web design simple as it should be. Practicing HTML constantly can improve one’s understanding of the language and further their ability to customize web pages in HTML with specific tags.

6-Clean Code. In HTML, a designer has the ability to practice clean coding methods and produce a cleaner internal source code. After designing a website, a designer has the option to do a quick check with the Mark up validation service and ensure that the script has no errors.

What is the best upgrade in HTML 5?

The doctype has been simplified incredibly in HTML 5. See below.

Older Doc Types used in HTML 4.01:<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN”   “”>

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Frameset//EN”   “”>

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”   “”>

HTML 5 Doc Type:  <!DOCTYPE html>

As seen above, the HTML 5 doctype is much smaller and more simplified than the HTML 4.01 doctype.

 What are 4 ways to make any HTML Website Mobile Friendly?

1-Device Breakpoints CSS Rule.  The first way to make any website mobile friendly is by ruling out all the different device breakpoints with the media queries rule in CSS. Media queries are the quickest way to change any fixed website layout into a responsive web layout. Being that technology has advanced and there are many different mobile devices out there,  it can be said that mobile devices will have different screen sizes. Making a website responsive is the first way to make a site mobile friendly.

Quick Media Query Example :

@media screen and (min-width: 960px) {

/** Style all Elements in Here for this Width Selected Above **/


2-Website URL Structure. The URL structure of a website can affect the speed a website is indexed and the search engine ranking position for mobile devices. Web sites should contain URL’s that are only one directory deep and include descriptive text inside the title.

What are the worst kind of Url Structures to look out for?


The worst URL structures will have too many deep subdirectories and will often contain underscores.

3-Mobile Meta Tag.  The viewport tag is the most important tag for mobile websites to include The viewport tag notifies mobile devices that a website should not return to its default desktop layout.

4-Bigger Design and Font Size. It isn’t a coincidence that websites have gotten a larger in size recently.  Mobile devices have small screens which is why larger font sizes and buttons can make a website much more user-friendly and readable. It is recommended to increase a website font size and button size.

Quick design tip: For more typography design options, start using google fonts. Google fonts provide a variety of different font designs that are very easy to implement onto any web page.

As analyzed above,  HTML is the best language to use for designing a website. It is known for its speed, customization, browser compatibility, and animation. HTML 5 is the latest upgrade in HTML. It has improved the language tremendously and made it much easier for designing even faster. Use HTML 5 on your new website and you will notice great results.

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