1. Coolendar

A HTML5-based calendar web app. You can use it for effective time management. Very easy to work with it.


2. Google Body

Google Body Browser is a cool web app powered with WebGL for study use. It uses the HTML5 Canvas element and does not require Flash, Java or other graphical plugins to run. WebGL is a cross-platform low-level 3D graphics API that is designed to bring plugin-free 3D to the web.

Google Body

3. HootSuite

Perfect online tool for professional brand management. HTML5-based social media dashboard with some great features: connection to Google Analytics, choice between new and old style retweets, geo-location tweet searching, custom interface, drag and drop editing and so on.


4. Tiny Fluid Grid

HTML5 based grid generator. Here you can generate a grid framework using simple options. Even you can preview the page to see the grid is perfect or not.



5. DeviantART muro

Muro is HTML5-based sketching app that works in all modern browsers, and you can dive in and start drawing on a blank canvas, all without Flash or any other plugin. There are several brushes available to everyone, but to access more advanced features, you’ll need a DeviantArt account.


6. Cloudkick Viz

Cloudkick Viz uses the canvas element to display cloud server monitoring information in real time.



Learn how Verify can help you easily get and understand data about your website.


8. X-Worlds

Something cool and interesting for kids of all sizes. You can submit a drawing of your character and watch it transform into an awesome illustration. Be the next X-world superhero!



9. Scribd

This version of Scribd is a Flash and HTML5-based web app that provides in-browser access to all sorts of documents and e-books uploaded by users.


10. Notableapp

Notable lets you take any webpage screenshot, sketch or wireframe and exchange notes on specific details with your team. You can quickly reply, vote or suggest a better idea. Our goal is to help you arrive at the best solution in the shortest amount of time.


11. Taskboard

Taskboard 10k is a light-weight on-line whiteboard for your task and notes about life, the universe and everything. It’s easy to use like a fridge door with sticky notes. You like to get things done? – Use it as a colorful todo list. Are you an agile enthusiast? – Turn in into kanban or scrum board.



A fun and easy way to share ideas on a website.


13. Citicles

Citicles is an experimental HTML5 visualizator that aggregates basic information about a city and displays it in a simple circle design. Each circle encloses the city’s population, temperature, time, elevation, latitude and longitude.


14. Cubescape

Cubescape works on draw 3D isometric pictures by dropping little blocks.


15. Moodr

Need some inspiration? Create a moodboard! Collect images from the web on a paginated moodboard to help your creative process and brainstorming.


16. TinyBounce

TinyBounce! Grab a screenshot of a website, add notes to it, then save your feedback and send the link to your friends (or enemies). TinyBounce is the smaller, sleeker little brother to Bounce (bounceapp.com)